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Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016

Investigation and Countermeasure on the Current Situation of College Students' Environmental Literacy

Yong Zhang1, 2, Teng Cheng1, 2, Pei Tang1, 2, Bei Zhang1, 2, Shilei Jiang1, Yang Cao1, 2, 3

1School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan 411201, China

2A School of Education, Hunan, Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan 411201, China

3A Mingde Dongjing Middle School, Changsha 410116, China

Page No: 1-15

Abstract: The modern college students' environmental literacy directly affects the implementation of building a socialist harmonious society. Environmental literacy has become one of the essential qualities of college students. This paper takes the graduates of Hunan University of Science and Technology as the research object. A stratified sampling method was used to investigate the questionnaires, and the statistical data were analyzed. The survey found that students were deficient in environmental knowledge, environmental attitude, environmental awareness, environmental behavior and environmental skills and other aspects. And their demand for environmental education is very strong. Finally, the paper puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions on how to develop the environmental literacy of college students.

Keywords: college students, environmental literacy, environmental education


Study on Decision Support System of Safety Identification of Concrete Frame Structures

WeiDong Wu, WenYan Pang

School of Civil Engineering Architecture, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu Sichuan, China

Page No: 16-24

Abstract: Safety identification tasks are arduous, the process not only needs to analysis a variety of test data, the structure of Present Situation and the results ,but also rate at different levels basing on standards, it is one of the difficult work which integrates high technology and knowledge. Decision support is the use of model to make decision on the basis of management science and operations research, it is applied to a variety of areas like planning decisions, forecasting decisions, investment decision-making. To provide scientific analysis and decision, it needs to combine computer technology and decision support theory. Studying on decision support system based on standards, decision theory and computer technology can assist decision-makers to judge effectively and conveniently.

Keywords: standards, security identification, decision support, decision support system


High-Speed Data Acquisition Based on USB-Bus

Tong Li, Chenglin Miao, Xiaoling Wang and Jun Lv

Department of Information Engineering, Academy of Armored Forces Engineering, Beijing, China

Page No: 25-33

Abstract: In many engineering projects, large amounts of data are needed to be uploaded to PCs or downloaded to clients. However there are many demerits with the popular PCI and ISA, for example, exorbitant Price, troublesome installation, constraints of the sockets number, poor expansion, and potential conflicts with other pluggable devices and so on. At the same time, using serial communication interface RS-232 can always result in slow transmission rate. In order to overcome the above shortcomings, this paper researches on the EZ-USB FX2LP Cy7c68013a chip of Cypress Company and proposes a designing scheme of USB high data acquisition system based on the chip. In the hardware design, the scheme employs the FPGA control chip of Xilinx Company. The software design comprises firmware program, drive program and application program. The firmware program is compiled in Keil, the drive program modifies the source files provided by Cypress Company, and the application program develops terminal display software in VS2010, which can display the acquired data. Experiments verify that the system can acquire data highly and accurately and meet the demand of general projects.

Keywords: USB-Bus, high-speed data acquisition, drive program, upper computer software


Leaf Spring Stiffness Characteristics Analysis

Xuemei Li, Li Han, Shiwen Liu, Ke Wang, Boqi Hou

Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Guilin University of Electronic Technology Guilin, 541004, China

Page No: 34-38

Abstract: The stiffness is one of the important performance parameters of leaf spring, the finite element method for accurate calculation provides a method to calculate the spring stiffness. Simulated with finite element analysis method to establish the analysis model of leaf spring contact state, to calculate the characteristics of the leaf spring stiffness , and combined with the experiment of leaf spring stiffness was analyzed. Compared with the traditional method, the finite element analysis can more accurately reflect the details of contact and friction between leaf spring, provides reference for the design and calculation of the same kind of products.

Keywords: leaf spring, nonlinear, the finite element analysis, impact factor


Tracking under Action Camera Based on Double Mean-Shift Algorithm

Shiyu Yang, Kuangrong Hao*, Yongsheng Ding, Jian Liu

Engineering Research Center of Digitized Textile & Apparel Technology, Ministry of Education College of Information Sciences and Technology, Donghua University, Shanghai 201620, P. R. China

Page No: 39-49

Abstract: Mean-Shift tracking algorithm has extensive application value and great exploitation foreground in the field of target tracking under action camera for its quick calculating speed, great tracking effect for non-rigid moving object and insensitivity to background. However, such method treats RGB color space as its single feature, the situation which the candidate cannot match the target often happens when there is illumination variation in environment, and finally, such inherent defect might lead to failures to tracking. In order to solve aforesaid problems, this paper proposed Double Mean-Shift (DM-Shift) method. This method uses hue of HSV color space to the Mean-Shift algorithm in a large scale, meanwhile uses RGB color space to the Mean-Shift algorithm in a small scale. And then we take the fusion strategy to distribute weights of these two different color space models and timely update such weights to achieve target tracking under action camera. Experimental results have shown that our proposed method may improve the tracking accuracy and become insensitive to illumination variation.

Keywords: Mean-Shift, action camera, DM-Shift, HSV, fusion strategy


The Credit Evaluation Model of Auction System in Cloud Computing

Liguo Jia1, Hongyan Yu2, Zhiying Yang1, Tengxiao Yang3

1College of Information Engineering, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, China

2College of Transport & Communications, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, China

3Department of Technology R & D, Shanghai Newdon Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China

Page No: 50-62

Abstract: The relevant researches on the credit evaluation of traditional evaluation system just focus on that of static auction information, not including that of dynamic information in the process of auction. This paper develops the credit evaluation factor model of auction system in cloud computing based on static credit factors and dynamic trade credit factor in the process of auction in cloud computing. And it also makes the credit evaluation algorithm in cloud computing on the basis of the model. Then it evaluates the credit factor of auction system in cloud computing based on the algorithm, using BP neural network. Experimental examples show that the credit evaluation system of auction system can effectively assess the credit of auction system in cloud computing and solve credit evaluation problems of auction system in cloud computing.

Keywords: cloud computing, online auction system, credit evaluation, BP neural network


Design of Thermal Oxygen Sensor and Conditioning Circuit

Jiangrong Qian, Cong Chen, Hongjiang Zeng

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, 38th Research Institute, Hefei 230088, China

Page No: 63-68

Abstract: There are increasingly urgent needs for low cost, high concentration oxygen sensor in medical equipment. A new type of oxygen sensor based on heat transduction, using micrometer sized, suspending film resistor is introduced in this paper. The thin film resistors are fabricated with micro mechanic process, which can enhance the sensor working stability and reduce system power consumption. Two thermistors are placed on up and down of the sensing thermistor to calibrate the fluid flow effect. Constant current control circuit is designed, ensuring the output voltage signal to be independent of the environment temperature. With simulation and preliminary experiment verification, the oxygen sensor is proved to be able to detect high oxygen concentration accurately.

Keywords: oxygen sensors, MEMS, constant current, heat transduction


The Relationship between w.k.che Ceramic Art Education and Ceramic Industries

Xiumei Wu

Design of Jingdezhen Ceramics Institute College of Art, 333403, China

Page No: 69-75

Abstract: Ceramic art design education professional relationship with the ceramic industry is a kind of university and society, economy, science and technology education in the combination of product, this product changes the ceramic art and design professional education colleges and universities with economic, social, market, science and technology of the separation conditions; Updated the ceramic art design education concept, improve the social benefit of the ceramic art design education, change the talent training mode, to promote discipline construction of ceramic art education. It requires to construct the talent training goal system, curriculum system, practice and theory need to adapt themselves to the ceramic teaching management system for security.

Keywords: ceramic art education, production, the ceramic industry


Determinants of Lending Behaviors in Online P2P Lending Market

Qiaoli Liu1, Haoyu Wen1, Xiaorun Wu2

1College of Economics and Management, XiDian University, China

2College of Network and Information Security, XiDian University, China

Page No: 76-90

Abstract: Online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has experienced rapid growth since its inception. It substantially satisfies the loan demand of small micro enterprises and low-income borrowers. In addition, it provides a good investment channel for the social idle funds. This study collects the vast amount of real-life lending data from to explore the determinants of lending behaviors using binary logistic regression models and linear regression models. The results show that the user's risk rating, borrowing failure times, through the review, uploading photos, borrowing amount have significant influence on P2P lending behaviors. We also find there is identity discrimination phenomenon, but no gender discrimination phenomenon in China. The results provide a related theory basis for investors' decision-making, the improvement of P2P network credit platform and the government regulation. The findings have significant managerial implications on the sustainable development of online P2P lending pattern.

Keywords: online peer-to-peer lending, internet financial, risk rating, lending behavior


A Study of Applying LRFM Model in Borrower Segmentation of PPDAI Lending Platform

Xiangxiu Yao, Haoyu Wen, Chengxi Liang

School of Economics & Management, Xidian University, Xi’an 710126, China

Page No: 91-104

Abstract: Many P2P lending platforms can quickly attract customers, but they can also quickly lose customers. Thus effectively recognition, segmentation, selection and maintenance of target customers are essential for the development of P2P lending platform. This paper develops an extended RFM (recency, frequency, and monetary) model, namely LRFM (length, recency, frequency, and monetary) model, by using two step clustering method for a PPDAI lending site in China to segment its borrowing borrowers. Four clusters are recommended for the overall 4437 borrowers. According to the borrowers’ information, this paper describes the characteristics of four types of borrowers in detail. The results show that two clusters having the above average LRF values (749 borrowing borrowers) can be viewed as core borrowing borrowers. Finally, this paper uses the discriminant analysis to verify the clustering effect and puts forward the corresponding marketing suggestions.

Keywords: borrower segment, LRFM model, two-step clustering, discriminant analysis


Study on the Variable Speed Limiting Based on the Fuzzy Logic Algorithm

Yuan Yuan, Rui Li

Automotive Electronics and Embedded System Research Center, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing 400065, China

Page No: 105-112

Abstract: Firstly, this paper studies the main influencing factors of the highway speed limit, for the detectable factors ,through fuzzy logic control algorithm, the variable constraints of road traffic speed is proposed ,and optimized by the two-stage fuzzy controller, first of all, the traffic flow and road conditions were analyzed to get the reference value of the condition, and then the obtained reference value and the weather were analyzed to get the speed limit of the different time and weather. At the last, through the fuzzy control toolbox of Matlab simulation, the feasibility of the method is further verified.

Keywords: fuzzy control, variable speed, matlab


Research on Productivity Assessment Method of Multi Stage Fracturing Horizontal Gas Well

Yuxi Zhao1, Haiyu Yang2

1College of Petroleum Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, Heilongjiang 163000, China

2Daqing Oil Field Co, Heilongjiang 163000, China

Page No: 113-123

Abstract: Multistage fracturing horizontal gas well can expand oil layer drainage area, increase fluid flowing efficiency to perfect fracture system on the basis of natural fracture system. This article builds a protection model of unstable productivity for multistage fracturing horizontal oil and gas well based on the structure of horizontal well, form of fracture, space between fractures, and concludes solution for mathematical model of multistage fracturing horizontal oil and gas productivity estimation to form a productivity evaluation system combining particle swarm optimization algorithm.

Keywords: multistage fracturing, horizontal gas well, optimal particle swarm, mathematical model


Parameters Optimization of Chrome Micro Gel System Alternating Injection

Di Wang1, Haiyu Yang2, Yujia Jiao1

1School of Petrochemical Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing 166318, China

2Daqing Oil Field Co, Heilongjiang 163000, China

Page No: 124-130

Abstract: Through indoor physical simulation experiment, the effect of injection mode on oil recovery rate was studied. Studies show that, from the beginning of polymer injection to the end of profile control agent injection, water cut decreased obviously and oil recovery rate enhanced greatly in polymer flooding stage by 7.27%; Total increase was by 16.36%. The ultimate recovery rate was 65.71%. Compared with the preceding profile control experiment, their water flooding recovery were 49.35% and 50.68% respectively with little difference. But the total increase was lower than the preceding profile by 0.9% points and the ultimate recovery rate differ 2.23% points. The pre-profile is more conductive to improve oil recovery rate. Considering the comprehensive cost and economic benefit, the best injection method is to select the slug of pre-profile which is set to 0.05 PV. The optimal waiting time is 7~10d.

Keywords: chrome micro gel, alternating injection, parameters optimization


Research of Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Practice-ability Construction in Practice Base

Ji Zou, Xuejun Li, Hongwu Qin, Chao Zhang

Electronic and Information Engineering College, Chang Chun University, Changchun 130021, China

Page No: 131-135

Abstract: The construction of college students' practice ability is the important way to promote quality education and promote college students' all-round development. College practice base construction is one of the important practice activities. Practice base construction aiming to make students practice institutionalize, standardize and keep continuous. At present, there has been a series of problems in the construction of practice base, which need schools, social and personal to solve commonly.

Keywords: engineering, practice-ability construction, practice base


The Integration Practice-ability Construction of Master and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in Cooperation Skills Training Base

Huaxun Zhang, Jie Li, Ji Zou, Dongmei Liu

Electronic and Information Engineering College, Chang Chun University, Changchun 130021, China

Page No: 136-139

Abstract: The core of postgraduate education is the cultivation of innovation ability, and innovation comes from practice, in order to meet the social demand for high-level application of innovative talents, countries try to optimize the graduate student cultivation model. Construction of graduate student innovation practice base, which gets the high attention.

Article will start from the present situation of graduate education at home and abroad, based on the current graduate student practice base construction pattern, deeply analyzes the problems existing in the construction of practice base, tentative suggestions of improvement are put forward.

Keywords: practice ability, graduate students, practice base, skills training base

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