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Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016

Early Warning System Design Based on Arduino for Children in Kindergarten

Haiyun Chen, Bo Xiong

School of Electrical Engineering and Information, Southwest Petroleum University, Chengdu 610500, China

Page No: 140-147

Abstract: Traditional kindergarten rely on security guards to protect the safety, it is a waste of human resources and cannot be real-time monitoring of the health and safety of each child's outdoor activities. In order to monitor children's health and safety situation in the kindergarten, this paper designs a set of safe and reliable warning system, providing the software and hardware design, achieving GPS Positioning, temperature, amount of exercise and GPS warning; and through the data obtained, we can analyze the health of each child. After rigorous testing, the system has a stable performance, high accuracy, and has a high practical value.

Keywords: GPS, early warning systems, Internet of Things, real-time monitoring




Competition-Cooperation Development: The Twenty Years Evolution of Structure Holes of PRD Agglomeration

Guodong Zhang

Department of Sociology, Zhou EnLai School of Government, NanKai University, Tianjin, 300350, China

Page No: 158-169

Abstract: The changing of economic tie internal agglomeration will be forming advantages and disadvantages respectively. By means of modify spatial economy gravitation model and Burt’s theory of structure holes, the nine cities in PRD was chosen as researching objects, collecting data at years of 1994,1998,2002,2006,2010 and 2014 from relative data base, using soft Ucinet6 from whole perspective to analysis structure holes index: effective size, efficiency, constraint, hierarchy. Therefore, we will do empirical study on the evolution process of degree dependence and constraints of economic tie between cities. The results shows that Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhongshang was in first advantage level, Dongguan, Zhuhai, Foshan was in the second advantage level, Zhaoqing, Huizhou, Jiangmen was in disadvantage, relatively. The position of Zhaoqing was rising impressively.

Keywords: PRD agglomeration, economic tie, structure holes


The Effect of Micro Flow on Pore Structure Characteristics in Low Permeability Reservoir

Zhengquan Li1, Wenlong Zhang2, Di Wang2 and Liyan Sun3,*

1Doctoral Degree Candidate, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University,Daqing, China

2Master, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing, China

3Instructor, Department of Petroleum Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, 163318, Daqing, China

Page No: 170-178

Abstract: The displacement efficiency of low permeability reservoir microscopic pore structure is affected by displacement fluid properties, and a lot of other factors. Studying the law of different fluid flow in the porous media and restricting the displacement efficiency of low permeability reservoir are the key of proving the development of low permeability reservoirs .Four size of expansion contraction flow channel model designed according to the real size of low permeability reservoir pore path .By analyzing expansion contraction pore-throat ratio, affection on the distribution of flowline and rate of flow by the pore length gives the distribution feature of expansion contraction flow channel under different pore parameter, throat radius ratio is the main factor driving the level of efficiency in control.

Keywords: low permeability, micro flow, pore structure, flow characteristics


Research on the Grid Impact of CRH2 High Speed Train Based on Large Power Motor System

Qiang Tang, Wei Yan*, Enrong Wang, Jin Yu and Jingcheng Cao

School of Electric & Automation Engineering, Nanjing Normal University, 78 Bancang Street, Nanjing, China

Page No: 179-195

Abstract: With the large scale high speed railway construction and higher running speed, the complicated electromagnetic environment poses issues on the reliable and safe operation of high speed train. Also, serious impact appears in the energy feeding power system. Harmonics generated by electrified railway and negative sequence injected into three-phase power system result in more heating in rotation machinery, shortened lifetime of power transformer, higher capacity requirement of transmission line, multifunction of relay protection device and abnormal operation of safety automation equipment. Focusing on designing highly reliable high speed railway and meeting the limits of harmonics and power quality, this paper investigates the impact of high power electric machinery based CHR2 high speed train on the power grid. Various traction condition of the train is analysed by simulation, as well as the influence of different rectifier PI parameters on the power quality. The results of analysis and simulation is verified through a practical case study.

Keywords: high speed railway, impact of grid, CRH2, traction condition, PI parameters


The Relationship of Team Psychological Safety and Team Performance: Mediated by Information Sharing

Yongping Xie, Peipei Guo

School of Economics & Management, Xidian University, Xi’an 710126, China

Page No: 196-213

Abstract: With the economic globalization and knowledge-based increasingly grim today, more and more enterprises begin to use the team as a unit of work, the team becomes the indispensable one form of our work. How to get a higher team performance, it is one of the problems in today's scholars constantly explore. Existing research shows that team psychological safety can improve the performance of team, information sharing also affects the team performance in some way. From information sharing this new perspective, we combed the existing research both at home and abroad, then we establish the theoretical model of this study and put forward the hypothesis of this article. Through the empirical analysis, we discuss the relationship between team psychological safety and information sharing and team performance, and we verify the intermediary role of information sharing between team psychological safety and team performance. This study concludes that: team psychological safety can effectively predict the information sharing; information sharing can effectively predict team performance; team psychological safety can effectively predict team performance; information sharing plays an intermediary role between team psychological safety and team performance, but not completely mediation. Through this study, we can provide theoretical support for the team management, we can also provide constructive suggestions and referential countermeasures for the advance of team performance.

Keywords: team psychological safety, information sharing, team performance, intermediary role


Caofeidian District Industrial Tourism Development Research

Chunyue Zhang, Anmin Wang

Schoolof Economic and Management, Xi Dian University, China

Page No: 214-224

Abstract: Industrial is a new form of tourism, which puts the industry and tourism together, aiming at the market-oriented operation of cross industry. It can not only satisfy people’s eager of knowledge when they are on the way of tourism, but also more conducive to the coordinated development of the three major industries. Caofeidian District is located in the south of Tangshan’s west coast of Bohai Bay, which on the industry layout, owning rich products and developed logistics. The Caofeidian District Industrial Park’s going green, environment protection, and efficient modern industrial ecosystem characteristics bring unique advantages for the industrial tourism. With the understanding of domestic and foreign industrial tourism development, the topic of China's tourism industry upgrading was chosen. This thesis is based on the perspective of Caofeidian District’s industrial tourism resources , aiming at the Caofeidian District industrial structural adjustment of productivity layout .Through the analysis of the literature, the feasibility analysis of Caofeidian District’s Industrial Tourism development and by the method of EFE or IEF to analysis the industrial tourism development factor then pointed out the internal and external quality factors that influence the development of industrial tourism. Finding the best development mode for Caofeidian District’s industrial tourism with the help of literature,and putting forward some development proposals.

Keywords: caofeidian district, industrial tourism, development model


Another Spring of Old Industrial Buildings

Zhitang Wu

Wenzhou Vocational & Technical College, Wenzhou, China

Page No: 225-229

Abstract: The old industrial buildings have a remarkable culture, utilization and landscape value, re-use of old industrial buildings is a complex problem involving multiple interests and multiple theories. We should quickly establish eco-consciousness and the concept of re-use for turning the old industrial buildings to urban open space, cultural creativity and commercial office space, etc. Furthermore, the interior renovation of old industrial buildings should focus on the using of materials, lighting and landscape. Structure of old industrial buildings should be heritage for that should be utilized more reasonable under the using of new material and the improvement of design process.

Keywords: old industrial buildings, renovation, space


New Journey of Jingdezhen Ceramic College Education

Zhihua Xu

University of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute of Design Art

Page No: 230-235

Abstract: University of Jingdezhen ceramic pottery and porcelain is the uniqueness of China and the world to the characteristics of multidisciplinary undergraduate course colleges and universities. Has the advantage of the ceramic art and material science bachelor, master, doctor of architecture. School was originally founded in 1910 as the school ability of Chinese contented industry, founded in 1958, undergraduate course establishment, jingdezhen ceramic institute. In 1984, the school became a master's degree award authority unit. Into the central and local governments to build in 1998, mainly management in jiangxi province. In July 2013, Dr Was increased by the academic degrees committee under the state council as a degree-conferring unit. In March 2016, renamed university of Jingdezhen ceramics.

Keywords: Jingdezhen Ceramics University, education


Extraction of Jingdezhen Ceramic College Education Development

Xiumei Wu

University of Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute of Design Art

Page No: 236-241

Abstract: University of Jingdezhen ceramic education development has been one hundred years, from a thousands of years the porcelain making in the ancient town of evolving and derived from relationships important to regular the modernization and internationalization of education. First zhang with red sign and others launched in 1910 in jingdezhen, jiangxi porcelain industry company, in the wave of factory supplied a contented industry school. Contented industry of the school hall by Xu Fengjun as long, in 1947 the school moved back to name of jingdezhen ceramic junior schools in jiangxi province, in 1953, the national college courtyard adjustment, jiangxi ceramic junior school has been revoked, and jiangxi normal college were incorporated into the south China institute of chemical. In June 1958, jiangxi people's committee decision, on the basis of the original jingdezhen ceramic school of jingdezhen ceramic institute. Once held by the gang of four and factor, in 1975, for the general concern about ceramic education man of insight and the request of the original cadres, teachers of the college, on the basis of ceramic industry school restored ceramic institute, 1986, institute of light industry ministry of the main leaders have been adjusted, the new leadership of school work done to readjust, college teaching, scientific research, production of the trinity of the education system has been initially formed. Since then of Jingdezhen ceramic college under the correct leadership of party leadership will move the pace of building new, based at the University of Ceramic Industry in the world in the future.

Keywords: Jingdezhen Ceramics University, education


Design and Simulation of a New Fatigue Testing System for Harmonic Drive

Zelin Wu, Hongyu Tian

School of Aerospace Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China

Page No: 242-250

Abstract: Harmonic drive is a new driving method emerged with the development of space technology that utilizes the elastic deformation wave of a flexspline to achieve power transmission. The major failure mode of a harmonic drive is the fatigue wear of gear teeth in flexspline. In order to investigate the fatigue strength of flexspline during transmission, this paper designs a new contact fatigue testing system for harmonic drive to simulate the meshing process of flexspline and circular spline. The finite element model of the testing system is built by ABAQUS, and a dynamic simulation is conducted to analyze the stress distribution for critical positions of the model. The stress analysis results are compared with the simulation results of a simplified structure of harmonic drive.

Keywords: flexspline, fatigue testing system, finite element method, ABAQUS simulation


Autogyro Flight Simulation Based On FlightGear

Ji’an Luo, Zhao Deng, Zhiming Guo

School of Aerospace Engineering, Xiamen University, Fujian, China

Page No: 251-256

Abstract: The purpose of Autogyro Simulation is verifying the Dynamics Model and Control Law of Autogyro, improving control law and tuning control parameters preliminary by semi-physical simulation experiments before flight test, improving flight safety and reducing flight costs. This article built semi-physical simulation platform based on FlightGear software, complete control law and control logic verification, and focus on the simulation data of takeoff and landing process.

Keywords: Autogyro, FlightGear, autonomous takeoff and landing, simulation


Analysis of Transmission Characteristics of Harmonic Drive Based on ABAQUS

Zhihua Fu*, Sen Liu

School of Aerospace Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, China

Page No: 257-261

Abstract: The finite element method of analyzing transmission characteristics of harmonic drive (HD) is presented in this paper. A finite element model of HD is set up and a suitable loading method is applied based on ABAQUS. At first, the relationship between input torque and output torsion angle of HD is studied. The results show hysteresis in small angle of HD. Then, backlash is calculated which is 8.51646″. Finally, torsional stiffness is figured out based on torque and torsion angle. The results show nonlinear characteristics of HD.

Keywords: harmonic drive, transmission characteristics, finite element method


Productivity Analysis and Prediction of Shale Gas Reservoirs

Wenlong Zhang, Meng Qi, Xin Wang

Department of Petroleum Engineering, Northeast Petroleum University, Daqing, Heilongjiang, 163318, China

Page No: 262-266

Abstract: As well as the development of conventional gas fields, accurate analysis of shale gas dynamic and shale gas reservoir characteristics and forecasting capacity is the basis of the scientific development. The average open-flowcapacity is obtained by the multi-point back pressure method, and putting it into the empirical productivity formula to obtain the bottom hole flow pressure under different test gas systems. Getting the fitting of the horizontal well binomial deliverability equation under the condition of ideal gas reservoir with those already known. In the fitting formula, the daily production capacity of gas well is mainly related to the difference of production pressure and the length of horizontal section. After determining the length of the horizontal section and the average formation pressure, the shale gas production capacity prediction can be completed by using this formula.

Keyword: shale gas, capacity prediction, Multi-point back pressure method, horizontal well


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